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Structure and museum of functional surname raise
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Shengfulangxisikeheerzunge and heart · Mellon 2005

Surname raise museum of Shengfulangxisike is in the Luo Ma 1989 - after Puliaida is destroyed in big earthquake, the trustee of American architect association and director people spent several years of time to plan its answer new- - the He Erzun case of " of architect of " God clique that chooses Switzerland and heart? Mei Longlai takes on stylist. Exterior with velvet the cupreous wrap up like, geometrical horn construction is his striking feature, this building is in the 50000 person that look around more were attracted of the portion when opening a shop on the weekend in November 2005. The dry goods that the novel point of this museum includes to be able to clean tremendous arras through affusion is collected room. "This is the bright one part of a design like sculpture not only, more praiseworthy on functional sex, "Evaluation of equestrian luck Nuo says.

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