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Blue sky group will design Spanish culture center (graph)
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The blue sky group that headquarters sets in Austria and American los angeles builds an office (Coop Himmelb(l)au) , will be design those who be located in Spain to plunge into Luyasi by the choice “ plunges into ” of center of art of Lu Yasi arena (Zarautz Scenic Arts Center) . Outstanding housetop is designed, helped blue sky group beat the player —— that attends finals to include to plunge into haing • Ha Dide (Zaha Hadid) , Aidewaduo • A Luo Yao (Eduardo Arroyo) , FOA building office and river bend grind I (Kenzo Kuma) .


This 120, 000 square foot culture art center is located in Shengsaibasidian outside, it will have a multipurpose theater of 600 seats, 4, 300 square foot ” of “ black box (Black Box) an auditorium, conservatory and communal rest dimensional —— includes space of a room of a coffee, communal exhibition. In the building outside have garden and outdoor stage.


The housetop that blue sky group designs will have obstruct function and hint to the vision of this center from far function.

The project with blue sky the closest group is the museum of Musée Des Confluences that is located in French Lyons, predict to built 2010.

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