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The " of city of Ma of German the Kingdom of Wei is public Bao Hao this school " (the abbreviation of Staatliches Bauhaus) , change after say " designs academic " (Hochschule Fur Gestaltung) , customarily still the edge calls " Bao Hao this " . Bao Hao this the transliteration that is German Bauhaus, by German Hausbau (housing) one word convert and into. English translated term should be State Building Lnstitute. "Bauhaus" is Geluopiwusi gives birth to a when build new word technically. "Bau" is the meaning that " makes " in German, "Haus" is the meaning of " house " in German. Because this "Bauhaus" is " ,build house " . From this the literal of new word-formation can see, geluopiwusi is to try to will be built art and make a technology this already is united in wedlock rise afresh by the domain of long-term space. More say widely, art and craft should close and be one. Be like this only, just be true contemporary design.

In order to wrap a person of extraordinary powers this for base, 20 time formed 20 centuries modernistic building of ─ of ─ of one of modern building main group, the view gets used to production of modern big industry and life need, with be particular about building function, technology and economic benefits are diagnostic school. Bao Hao this one word points to this school again.

On March 16, 1919, chancellery of internal affairs of Ma of the Kingdom of Wei nots Geluopiwusi holds the position of a rare accreditation " city establishs art courtyard " and " city to establish post of artistic technology president. On March 20, geluopiwusi suggests and incorporate two schools permissibly, accordingly, in contemporary design history go up, a main starting point was become 1919 in the Christian era, the founded on April 1 " national Bao Hao in this year this design school " , it is the world the institute that the first shows acting design to teach to develop truly and establishs, for the design of industrial times education was initiated epochal.

W. Geluopiwusi held the post of Wei Ma 1919 when principal of functional art school, this school incorporates with Wei Ma academy of fine arts the college that becomes one technical research to build design and industrial commodity design, name " public Bao Hao this school " , geluopiwusi holds the position of the president. Bao Hao this pedagogic battle array is orderly, the talent comes forth in large numbers. 1925, bao Hao this because be on academic understanding,produce difference with local distinguished personages, change comes heart carry on, incognito design academic " for " . 1928 ~ 1930 Swiss architect H. Meyer holds the post of a dean, 1930 ~ 1932 L. Close this · model · heart · Dean Luo Ren. Bao Hao this 1932 change Berlin, before long close down. The teacher sheds abroad mostly, bao Hao this academic viewpoint and educational viewpoint transmit all directions subsequently, it is for a time Euramerican a lot of university institute are adopted.
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