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Chongqing: Natural museum is new house program make choice of " root Bao Shi "
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Bi Keqin of reporter of plan of " of stone of bag of museum " root turns over Chongqing nature pat

New house program decided natural museum- - on November 20, municipal government holds special subject meeting, research decided " root includes stone " plan. Current, city concerned department is being revised to designing plan to make jointly with design unit perfect.

This year in May, city program bureau begins Chongqing nature jointly with wide bureau of article of city landed group, city whole world of program of design of building of project of museum new house is collected. The plan that passes half an year is collected, the expert is chosen, the public is participated in, formed 2 plan (implied meaning of " of " root Bao Shi) , 6 plan (implied meaning of " of " dinosaur framework) , 12 plan (" too extremely " implied meaning) recommend plan newspaper 3 sets to send municipal government authorized.

City program bureau says, "Plan of " of root bag stone selected, basically be this plan has the bright district sex, primary feature that achieve a gender.

Yesterday, professor Hu Wen introduces the institute of plan of fortification of heavy a lunar month of 30 days that directs design " root to include stone " plan, "The root includes the originality plan of stone " , inspiration originates the yellow Ge Shugen that spreads all over Ba Yu earth, tree root is voluminous between the crack at hard rock, deep in the fertile soil of take root Yu Bayu. Its characteristic form mirrorred the beauty of the life with exuberant nature, reflected person and natural harmonious beauty, showed the beauty of the labor that the mankind goes all out to become strong.

According to this one conception, new house is passed advocate the " rootstock " of house extend outdoors connection of each garden area rises, uneven sequence of thought formed architectural configuration and skin texture. The take root of root system firmly of extend on field, main body building and area of the garden outdoor organic connection is together.

It is reported, chongqing nature museum is new the start working inside this year builds house project, complete main body project next year, the investment before June 18, 2009 is used. Highway of cloud of Jin of new city of area of Bei of north of new house optional location, with ground area control is in 216 mus of less than, floor area control is in less than of 30 thousand square metre.

According to construction conception, new house is cent house, garden two parts. The function of the house is scientific research, collect and reveal, the target is to build for museum of nature of stage of national district center. The function of garden is to visit, lie fallow and recreation, the target is to build for connotation rich, characteristic is highlighted, the nature that has appeal to the public (science) thematic park.
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