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The area of scale, afforest element influence to afforest
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When specific design is made, consider the impact of the element such as area of the scale of the model, afforest even.
1, the model is proportional influence
When the design makes all sorts of tree, the deepness that the scale of the model is restricting arboreous body depict directly changes as the scale of the model and change. Generally speaking, in the 1:5 that make00 ~ 1:2When the model of 000, because scale measure is lesser, depict whole effect should be emphasized when making tree of this kind of model, and the monomer that cannot go after a tree absolutely is modelled. If go after arboreous imprisonment overly to be able to destroy afforest and the primary and secondary that build principal part to concern on one hand, often can make the person feels on the other hand very artisan is angry; In the 1:3 that make00 above are proportional when the model, as a result of the change of scale measure, must involve the individual model that heavy depict establishs, but notice individual, group, building even at the same time 3 person the relation between.
2, the influence of afforest area and layout
When the design makes model afforest, answer to shape the form and structure of the tree according to afforest area and total position.
When the model afforest that makes with scale different area and overall arrangement in the design, to all sorts of arboreous body model a requirement endless and identical. When the design makes trade cultivate, ask the size of the tree, body agrees basically commonly, ministry of crown of a tree wants some fuller, arrange should uniform, gas of form of this kind of expression is a kind of explicit order beauty two years; In make form a delegation when afforest, of arboreous body model must combine afforest area to consider, good of the density when arranging is become, on any account should have rhythm feeling. In the meantime, we note the position of afforest even, if form a delegation,greenbelt is symmetrical form distributings, when we are designing the afforest that make, the semmetry that does not destroy it certainly concerns, but still should seek change in semmetry. If form a delegation,greenbelt distributings at dish the many place of the face, should notice each groups assist with the relation between, make make an organic whole; When the design makes large area afforest, want special attention of arboreous body model and change. Because adopt the form and structure that changes tree, can eliminate the integral sex that by a certain number of body the arboreous place of each different forms afforest group. Because, this kind gives the person's visual perception in area afforest form, it is a kind of harmonious natural landscape, what what it reflects is a kind of nature, changeful, orderly beauty.
Anyhow, the body of tree of the afforest in the model is modelled with afforest area, layout 3 person having inseparable concern, interaction, mutual influence. When we are being designed and making afforest, want the relationship between the person that treat good opinion correctly.
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