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Zahahadide designs Poland 240 meters Lilium edifice
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The horizon line of Warsaw will add a lightsome and transparent large building, have very strong differentiate gender and characteristic. The large building is 240 meters tall, slim figure is the complement of pair of around culture palace and other large building, unplugging the ground and the distinctive image that oneself establish in the high-rise that rise.

The area of the edifice is 101205 square metre, include 72027 square metre to supply hack area. There are luxurious apartment and public house of an apartment type inside the edifice. This project will improve rock-bottom existing and communal space, it is active to the public transform. The strategy of the sources of energy of the project is very conspicuous also. The service facilities of feebleminded bad news will apply to extreme weather of place. The height of Lilium edifice returns report to give a kind of economically value. The nucleus formed the pillar of the edifice in. This one design can be without keep out ground to be able to see the Warsaw prospect of each angle. Its apartment also catered to the demand of 21 centuries, already advanced exalted. Moved feeling and the appearance that change ceaselessly to break the sort of onefold label sex. Besides apartment type hotel and apartment, the edifice still installed hot spring to wash bath center, underground retailing shop and external bazaar, cafeteria and subterranean parking lot. In ground floor, 4 independent halls can enter hotel, apartment, cafeteria and consign area respectively.

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