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Theme of Olympic Games of 2008 China New Year picture inserts Chinese king cup l
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Picture net reports in: By China science and technology of the net that insert a picture, Chinese king sponsors jointly " theme of Olympic Games of 2008 China New Year picture inserts Chinese king cup picture contest " , those who pass contest commissioner many days 10 is meticulous choose, , voting result decided integrated netizen finally the work of bear the palm of this second contest, this second contest adds up to get work of many 2400 contribute!

Of this contest holding is have the aid of inserts the form of the picture to come to inheritance and development China traditional New Year picture is artistic, drive Chinese commerce to insert picture estate development, the further creative work that insert a picture communicates, for " 2008 China Olympic Games " boost the morale of, make the Chinese New Year picture, art that insert a picture and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games mutual confluence, thorough popular feeling. This this theme inserts picture match to insert picture market to prosperous China, the participation of promotional and ordinary people to Beijing Olympic Games the gender has active sense.

The contest invited Guo Jingxiong of banner cartoon author, overflow Tang Qingqing of Tang Tang author, illustrator pocket chocolate, chinese king science and technology is advanced dragon of virgin National People's Congress of the vice-president Du Jianjun, China that insert a picture take on contest commissioner, make this second contest more show fair sex, authority and professional.

Contest selection standard is: 1, whether to accord with one of contest themes: 2008 rat are drawn year after year and Olympic Games theme 2, work originality 3, work composition of a picture 4, colour collocation, modelling. List of bear the palm chooses means to be: Be seleted list by each commissioner nomination above all, most nomination list does not exceed every commissioner 10, undertake making component to be seleted list again next, grading of integrated finally commissioner and netizen are voting, single out list of bear the palm. This second contest player eagerly, especially a lot of inserting related to the Olympic Games draw work is to emerge in endlessly more, dash forward showed the everybody attention to Beijing Olympic Games and enthusiasm.

Begin to receive a manuscript from the contest, to March 15 contests solicit contributinos end, by a definite date the time of 3 many months, the data that provides according to contest organizing committee shows, person-time of visit of website of contest activity government exceeds 500 much, forum registered a member to achieve 288570, receive contest manuscript many 2300, make this second activity concludes satisfactorily.
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