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Wacom searchs divine pen " Ma Liang "
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Turn one's head that beautiful mythological times, the Ma Liang of pure wisdom helps people punish evil divide with his paintbrush evil, help weak aid deficient up, make everybody goes up too happy life. Have fine resembling a horse in that way god pen, to present for us, that is only a mythological dream when.

In present time, although height of science and technology develops, rely on our masterly technology, the design that draws the beauty on paper changes becoming reality had been a myth no longer, but our life is like however still confused. Of world spring tide swarm into, the life rhythm that lets us becomes faster and faster, everybody lives in busy move, more and more ambiguous however living direction. Probably, we once bosom high aim, bellyful ideal, but in the day in reality, those once edges and corners is wiped to make the same score slowly, perhaps, return somebody to be in hard prop up.

Is the outlet with Chinese real travesty in after all He Fang? In the domain of caricature, day Han became the king of the world almost. Japan and Euramerican caricature with powerful reader group overthrow Chinese comic, domestic tradition moves free market crowd to glide gradually. In Zhu Deyong and a few meters of time that have one's moment, draw this, network, TV is enclothed in the round, concept of native land cartoon and advantage rise to surface afresh, home is not the picture hand that has done not have, lack the platform that transmission shares however, make them fast grow. Our him China the thing also can see rarely, can reflect come out. First ancestor laborious and brave, clever wisdom, firm and indomitable, was manacled to be under the appearance with our quiet great waves.

But, we believe, we still have Ma Liang hand of such extraordinarily brave picture distributes fragmentarily in China earth. Ma Liang is the child of a poverty-stricken other people, to hold to the career with that colorful profusion that oneself love, he withstood of the landlord abuse even toco, a variety of obstacles that overcame poor institute to bring, got magical paintbrush finally. And nowadays, we should seek such person namely, hold to all the time on the way that oneself like, explore hard, those who be China is former it is OK to achieve caricature to search that the fire of the star of set the prairie ablaze. What we want to tell you is, here, you are not a person is in struggle, here, a lot of devote oneself to China to start the friend of caricature formerly euqally, here, the elder that still has a lot of caricature groups and teacher are being explored together.

Search divine pen " Ma Liang " the activity has been pulled open prelusive, this is mixed by Wacom " masses number " the caricature contest that the magazine sponsors, will by lasted to July all the time in March, cost 4 months in all. " masses number " the magazine is the Xin Rui magazine that faces person of digital lover, fashionable tide. Devote oneself to to recommend newest most the digital product with best cruel, the vogue of all sorts of number products plays a way, the number that explains new generation to the reader lives. And the user interface product that Wacom is global tip produces business, the concern and makes harmonious development that devotes oneself to person of originality, improvement and computer all the time. " masses number " magazine and Wacom, we want this to let the job of all of us in insecurity and study namely, with more means, richer color, more bright-coloured tonal that affection that will convey oneself to depress. The life that is us hard is added more rich and popular and cheerful.
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