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Greet an Olympic Games, send Fu Wa, more surprise you are taken
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CGS project hair wraps new edition platform to go up formally line

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In April 2008, CGS project hair wraps new edition platform to go up formally line. This platform, the working mode that is based on pair of CG industries to develop the current situation and stylist think, do one's best offers a relaxed and happy job from personnel of course of study to CG environment and poineering space, according to your ability circumstance, need not be order to be anxious from now on. The person has many bold, the ground has how old the dream that producing is a kind of not within the foreseeable future no longer, platform of crystal stone CGS is round you dream. Of this platform go up line, infuse of undoubted industry giving CG a newly emerging force, meantime machine also is worth Hua Haiying Olympic Games, holy fire touchs the whole nation of Beijing to be fond of together. Then, CGS also is this special plan " greet an Olympic Games, child sending blessing " thematic activity

Mobile time: Since April 4, 2008, to on May 4

Mobile introduction: Ascend CGS website (Http:// , every CGS hair includes the attestation user of platform real name, want to recommend 5 cater-cousin to register only, and register cater-cousin to carry real name attestation, can obtain an Olympic Games lucky doll " Fu Wa " , organic meeting obtains the order of high specified number that crystal stone offers for you. The amount is limited, enchanted be inferior to the action!

About award, we will be inside 10 weekday after the activity ends, according to your enrollment the address unites post. The user of Beijing area also can come to company of Beijing crystal stone get by right of effective certificate. If have doubt, contact with customer service personnel please.

(authority of ultimate ownership explanation puts in this activity 's charge stage of CGS hair Bao Ping is all)

CGS brief introduction:

CGS, full name is Computer Graphics Studio, abbreviation CGS.

Limited company of science and technology of number of subject water spar is subordinate child brand. Devote oneself to to improve CG lover from trade situation, help this kind of crowd acquire the much business that make, promotion operates actual combat experience, obtain just remuneration. As long as intended person the ability with corresponding annex, can carry on namely through CGS business earns reward. In the meantime, CGS advocates diversification group to set pattern, single member can establish team collaboration to complete a project with the member of different level, carry on more large-scale project.

Mobile organizing committee: CGS sends packet of platform

Contact an address: Haidian area on the west road of 3 annulus north A of edifice of 89 China foreign language 5

Contact means:

The client serves a hot line: 010-88823310
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