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"Market of Hangzhou undergraduate originality " will in April the last ten-day o
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Market of Hangzhou undergraduate originality will this month the last ten-day of a month is in college of Zhejiang grain industry to open business, this also is the originality fair that the first undergraduate plans Hangzhou to do oneself oneself. Although do not have professional stylist, also do not have astronomical trading business volume, but the combination of booth of street border district that it will be in the past no longer, the undergraduate should make a royal originality show.

The ground booth that violates ordinance wants " transition "

Last year October, our newspaper ever had done next sand to teach garden area undergraduate high to place the report that originality ground spreads out. Many student evening are self-educated after the end, the hairpin that transforms at ordinary times, cup, hairpin, wait for dot to be placed in sale of edge of ave of school life division, new think of a way solicited many businesses.

But because place ground booth to disobey,set related urban government, public proclamation of branch be executinged the law prohibits. At that time, a lot of undergraduates feel to subdue, they say, next sand should have a special place, let everybody show originality product come out.

Report the height that caused concerned branch takes seriously. The developing zone is in charge of appoint meeting and next sand teach garden area high the canal appoint the unit such as the meeting is opposite technically originality market made survey, and be about to publish idea, do originality market to provide strong support for the undergraduate.

Next sand teach garden area high the canal appoint Shu Peidong of meeting office director tells a reporter, now roughly frame has come down surely, the plan is teaching garden high the area east, two core live on the west area, each monarch a market, every weeks two, by day evening last time. "This moon base arrives at the beginning of May, can roll out formally. We hope to turn it into a fixed long-term sex activity, to Hangzhou development originality industry provides more inspiration. To Hangzhou development originality industry provides more inspiration..

Schoolgirl doodle " change " famous card bearing

But actually, to be in Hangzhou personally the university of the city of this originality says natively, originality product is not new. "Originality comes from flashy inspiration to erupt namely, so we behave the feeling on bag bag with form of abstract, exaggerated, this includes the source of packet of name DINGE just about. " art of college of Zhejiang grain industry designs colleger Wang Yanjun and Zhang Qinyi at the same time the LOGO on busy design bag, tell a reporter to play the think of a way of originality market at the same time.

Regard products plan as professional student, wang Yanjun has the idea that gets on the picture that insert a picture to commodity early. Hear this originality market wants to do, her early begins to prepare: Order many cloth to make raw material from the net, and hoard for speculation is very much the propylene that inserts a picture to use, "You know propylene, interpose is mixed at canvas between soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes, color stability is good. Color stability is good..
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