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Design of placard of Macao art museum spreads out act
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Begin date: On March 28, 2008

End date: On April 22, 2008

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Sponsor: Art gallery of town of college of academy of fine arts of Macao art museum, Guangzhou

Exhibit date: Came on March 28, 2008 on April 22

Open time: In the morning 10 when to afternoon 6 when, feng Xing period rests house, holiday as usual is open

Show a location: Chinese Guangzhou city time outer shroud of town of Yu area college on the west road art gallery of town of college of 168 Guangzhou academy of fine arts

Exhibition hall: 5, 6 exhibition halls

16 centuries middle period, portuguese merchantman begins to be in Macao in succession draw close the shore, thenceforth rises, the exotic culture that has distinguishing feature extremely is in this formally south the diffuse in Chinese small town leaves come. Come for years, portuguese, Malaysia and the foreign culture such as Japan and experience of this locality culture are adjusted for long, right here culture of habits and customs, food, applied a respect to produce profound effect with waiting to daily language. Be the same as for a short while, western science, artistic, religion, culture passes Macao to input Chinese inland ceaselessly; The door passes the Yi Congao such as China's rich products and even philosophical thought toward Europe. Culture of Chinese and Western communicates, pulled open in Macao prelusive.

But arrived after the Opium War of 19 centuries middle period, the position of international trade harbor of Macao is replaced by Hong Kong gradually, the part of culture terminal fades from now on. But, macao did not stop the develop of oneself culture consequently. 1910, macao established ─ of the first museum ─ museum of Gu Mei person, i.e. is predecessor of Macao art museum. Arrived 30 time, this house is in the society obtained very great progress below the consideration of enthusiastic personage, its art Tibet is tasted also abound increasingly. Seventies, the house just is a target with the eye shot of artist of develop broad this locality, besides collect personally oneself showpiece, still open gallery, invite actively ab extra reach this locality artist to hold an exhibition, with period the platform that builds art communication, make the artist grows ceaselessly in view and emulate and study.

1999, namely bosom of Macao regression motherland is same year on March 19, macao art museum opens to the outside world formally. This is a brand-new culture establishment space and the important ground that hold large exhibition, from opened a house to hold even more up to now exhibition of 100 each types and activity. The co-worker of these projects includes museum of museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace, Shanghai museum, Nanjing, Henan to save the inland such as museum orgnaization of large article rich, reach come from Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Portuguese, Italy, Czech, Finland, Spain, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, there is clear generation already in these exhibitions royal the precious cultural relic that collect, also be like Chen Chun, Xu Wei, Dong Jichang, 8 big, stone billows, yangzhou 8 strange or latter-day Wu Changshuo, magnify 1000, the work with the delegate China traditional quintessential culture such as Fu Baoshi, and the work of the important artist such as A of the Picasso that western art altar holds the balance, rice collect, Reynolds, Buddhist nun radical, Ke Laiyin, Oman ever also exhibited here. On the arena that communicates in culture of Chinese and Western, macao art museum is acting an important role.
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