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Contest of doodle of campus of cup of Wacom of central academy of fine arts
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"Be troubled by · Beijing! Beijing · Now! " the beginning that opens contest to be delivered as fire of Olympic Games emperor, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is closer and closer from us, fly upwards in this passion in May, beijing each student of big college is together Olympic Games and artistic connection, they will use doodle the arrival that this is full of the artistic form of vogue and contemporary breath to receive an Olympic Games. , mobile theme:"Be troubled by · Beijing! Beijing · Now! Beijing · Now!!
1. Beijing Olympic Games, be 8 years most get the major issue that fix eyes upon, green colour also does not wish to miss this wonderful momently. When? Now!
2. "Be troubled by " . It is young attitude, it is the instinctive quality of vigor. Be in Beijing in this glamour ancient capital, youth bursts forth together with colour.
2, match origanization construction: 1. Sponsor square: 2 of central academy of fine arts. Coronal name sponsors square: Wacom China company designates dealer trade of division of record of 10 thousand glad is finite liability company 3. Field sponsors square: Beijing triode press 4. Assist run an unit: NewWebPick 4. Assist do medium: Beijing TV station 7 (glamour front) 5. Take part in the match the school: University of forestry of university of traffic of institute of dress of institute of opera of university of university of university of central academy of fine arts, Tsinghua, people of Beijing University, China, Chinese medium university, the nation central, China, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing (rank order does not divide early or late) 3, mobile flow: In the light of this second doodle contest we still invited artist of a few elder to hold a chair: On April 11 18: 00 central academy of fine artses month of 5 buildings F-109 4 18 days 18: Small exhibition hall of institute of art of university of 30 China people (water equips stone coffee office by) this second doodle match adopts two contest to make. Surpass first: Each take part in the match the team takes part in the match at be being referred before May 11 the electronic edition galley proof of work, the evaluation that passes expert commissioner chooses give 10 to take part in the match the team plays spot final. Be seleted spot doodle take part in the match team, we will take part in the match at each informing with the means of the phone before May 15 the controller of the team. Finals: Finals will be in Beijing on May 17, 2008 Dong Datang of press of the 3rd class is held. At the appointed time, will take part in the match by 10 when contest singles out first the team undertakes Tu Qiang and besmear T-shirt in the spot, award prize by decide on awards through discussion of senior commissioner spot. Spot audience also can undertake besmear T-shirt. At the appointed time, wacom China company will be arranged digital board major demonstrates to reach audience experience. 4, award setting: This second doodle match is set one, 2, third class award each one. First prize bonus bonus of 2000 yuan of second-class award bonus of award of 1200 yuan of third class 800 yuan all entering of spot final take part in the match the team will obtain elegant souvenir. 5, notice signing up: This second match faces these 10 to take part in the match only the classmate of the school, take part in the match formal individual, the group is not restricted, every team does not exceed the group 3 people. Sign up need to refer take part in the match application form (the application form downloads a link) , take part in the match the electronic edition CD of work, take part in the match work A4 is printed, and Id photocopy. Each school takes part in the match work is handed in respectively grant relevant college controller is in (means of connection of each college controller:See the match placard) of each school paste, we can be in on May 11, 12 days undertake taking part in the match the collect of work and judge first. More content requests an audience
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