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80 hind artist: Will " cartoon " undertake after all
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In last few years artistic bound does not calm quite, a flock of at 20 centuries giving birth to the youth of 80 time begins to cut a figure. These 80 work after, the vigor that intense individual character He Yong takes an examination of at thinking of is shown on cultural worker case, aesthetic pursuit, picking Jin Duoyin domestic and internationally ceaselessly, also draw on censure ceaselessly at the same time.

In August 2006, artist of 3 German youths stems from curiosity, be in debt and prepare 8000 euro oneself, in Berlin subway the station exhibited 16 China 80 hind large paint of the artist. This " they " series out 80 hind the hand of painter Lai Shengyu and Yang Xiaogang, the picture lays 100 condition as the person, have money, dream, violent, pornography, remains, flourishing, hypocritical, love, silent, greedy... the content that has a few work among them includes too much sex and force, bloody occasion and naked sexual organs " exciting " move pedestrian traffic, make actually fashionable German sense in a bad mood, think these " unripe fierce art " can bring negative effect to child child. The subway is received after complaining, urgent give orders to give ban. Artist of 3 German youths expresses, think this exhibition will have exotic emotional appeal very much before them, but like the problem that also thinks with them is being inscribed if thinking of Chinese young artists pay close attention to. With a few China 80 hind the discovery after artist communication, there are a lot of collective places between each other.

This is to let a person really only then expect not as good as new issue, is artistic appreciation attitude all along lenient of halfback German can be you also frightened by the Chinese's brushwork? This kind " skill " , the artist after having 80 only probably just is had, because they are " new cartoon generation " -- the LOGO of information society, the different of traditional culture is counted.

Counterpoise with speech of collective consciousness race to control

"Cartoon generation " put forward 1992 by Huang Yihan of professor of Guangzhou beautiful courtyard, point to later be born at 779 time, have live plane is changed, cartoon doll is changed, neuter is changed, the generation youth of the feature such as network. Undoubted, profess " NG generation " (NEWCARTOON, new cartoon) 80 hind it is artistic bound most the group of attention letting a person. A lot of painters in them are created with caricature style, at the same time also a lot of people are in the domain such as art of design of music, photography, industry, dress design, planar design, building design, behavior, sound art, sculpture, dancing, with a kind consciousness or speech of not self-conscious collective consciousness race to control counterpoise, it is 5 man of the time below.

Of Lang Lang " 80 hind enunciative "

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