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2008 Beijing popular science uses announcement of free originality contest
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One, mobile setting:

"2008 Beijing popular science moves free originality contest " atOn July 15, 2008Start formally. The activity faces the whole nation to move overflow lover, professional orgnaization to collect popular science to move free work, adopt form of love to see and hear, lively animation, caricature, aim to popularize scientific knowledge, improve quality of culture of science of the whole people.

2, constituent structure:

Sponsor an unit: Association of Beijing science and technology

Undertake unit: Beijing popular science develops a center

Executive unit: The net is overflowed in (the Yatuwen in Beijing turns development limited company)

Support an unit: Central academy of fine arts

Institute of animation of Chinese medium university

Medium of Chinese academy of fine arts and design institute

Institute of art of grand of Bei of Xu of Chinese people university

Tsinghua university academy of fine arts

Institute of Beijing University art
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