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Industry of international of 2008 China peaceful wave designs exposition
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International exhibition center of Ning Bo of 2008.9.20-23 China •

Sponsor an unit: Chinese industry designs association

Government of people of peaceful wave city

Undertake unit: Economic Commission of peaceful wave city

Association of science and technology

Bureau of science and technology

Assist run an unit: Chinese machinist Cheng learns industry to design branch

Industry of peaceful wave city designs federation

Design of industry of peaceful wave city and originality block

Carry out undertake: Elegant eminent exhibition serves limited company

Official website:

Media support: Zhejiang of Xinhua news Agency of CCTV news center parts a company daily paper of light of People's Daily company is new China daily
New economy of daily of economy of daily of science and technology guides print Zhejiang daily coulds there be Ning Bo daily of wave TV station
Business of southeast of peaceful wave evening paper signs up for contemporary gold to sign up for Chinese art to design allied network (Arting365)
Design magazine designs online vision China in Ning Bo net of China of Design News China of weekly of the first finance and economics deepness of small online DEDS " the concept designs 360 ° " design of design • China International is online

One, setting

Exposition of design of industry of international of Chinese peaceful wave establishs 2006, hold 2 successfully already. Exhibit support to grow the industrial base with huge triangle originally, attracted what domestic and international numerous industry designs company, well-known company and universities and colleges to join in, to promote long triangle manufacturing industry own innovation had positive effect, this exhibiting also crossed China to provide influence industry design to extend the range of the meeting most.

Chinese industry designed peaceful wave of Zhou Yi division 2008, current exposition serves as " design week " a main activity, will welcome greater progress.

Exposition of design of industry of international of 2008 China peaceful wave designs constituent world each country award of orgnaization of stimulative organization, excellent design, design, firm of universities and colleges, design and excellent design work, stylist and group of research and development of well-known company of the group crossing a state that has capacity of powerful design innovation, home carry newest product.
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