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China is postal 2009 pay a New Year call (have reward) postcard design design ha
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To make New Year has more surprise, more blessing, promote the development of industry of Chinese postcard originality. Postal ad firm faces Beijing now the society collects 2009 pay a New Year call to award postcard devises plan, specific detailed rules is as follows:

One, mobile content and sponsor an unit:
1, mobile content:
Pay a New Year call (have reward) postcard is a kind of each other that national post office releases in festival eve the postcard of postage having reward that sends a greeting wishs card a Happy New Year. Issued every year on November 20 since 1992, the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 15 award. It is at present home is planted one by one only can mail inside countrywide limits the postcard of add award. To promote postcard originality industry further, firm of Beijing postal ad faces completely state-owned award to collect postal postcard having reward designed China 2009 plan, the outstanding work that this second activity choose gives serves as organic meeting China is postal 2009 postcard of pay a New Year call having reward (Beijing area is issued, award of countrywide limits add) series design is made public external issue.
2, sponsor an unit:
This second award collects an activity by Beijing postal ad firm is sponsorred, bureau of case of Beijing postal trade undertakes, guidance of responsible activity business, receive declare, constituent expert is evaluated and release finally.
Advisory phone: 010-65083110

2, take part in the match qualification:
Design kind of relevant major to be in school student, on-the-job stylist and design lover, design firm all can sign up take part in the match.

3, contribute requirement:
1. Work format reachs size:
Measurement standards:
1, common postcard 189X106mm. Bosseyed, but team design, chan Mei or 4-10 do not be restricted
2, after 210x135(mm) of greeting card postcard is 50% discount, chan Mei or 4-10 do not be restricted
Also but bold innovation design, the breakthrough is groovy.

2. Proposal player withholds high resolution with format of PSD, JPG (the original design of 300 Dpi) or vector format AI stalks of grain, format and the work that dimension disagreement asks will not be collected.

4, mobile time reachs the kind that make draft:
1, mobile time: Came on August 5, 2008 on August 30 (it is with indicia accurate)
2, send (send) draft means:
The user can send the manuscript directly come or mail to the following address:
Beijing faces south 5 bridges 339 postal edifices
Beijing is postal Man Jie of ad firm Xue (close) (postcode: 100121)
Design work prints draft for color, one type. Accessary: Work CD CD (the electronic file that the file must be original design format)
3, network contribute:
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