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"Outside Olympic Games field -- photography of Chinese folk sports is exhibited
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On August 12, travel by China of art gallery of association of photographer of national library, China, Guangdong, Hong Kong limited company of compositive picture of association of photographer of province of press, Shaanxi, Guangzhou those who sponsor " outside Olympic Games field -- photography of Chinese folk sports is exhibited " in national library Wen Jin hall is begun.

Our country history is long, with a vast territory, numerous ethical be pregnant with the civilian sports activity of diversity of phyletic and rich, configuration, if hit Ga, kick shuttlecock, jump room, catch child, cockfighting, dozen catapult, play swing to wait, forms of these diversiform civilian sports activity are China civilization diversity is vivid reflect, it is the main component of bequest of our country immaterial culture, also be the collective fortune of complete mankind at the same time.

Come a few years, many Chinese photographer and photography lover filmed photographs of a lot of precious civilian sports activity. This second exhibition singles out more than 300 to have the masterpiece of property of typical former zoology and nature of rich and civilized diversity from the discriminate in on 10 thousand work that come from countrywide each district namely, display through large-scale vision, show scene of diversity of Chinese folk sports thoroughly before the public, reductive its glamour, activation thereby project of endangered civilian sports activity, call the whole society attention to ethical sports bequest; In the meantime, as " humanitarian Olympic Games " a component, this exhibition still will make more foreign personages understand the sports with long the Chinese nation comprehensive and perceptually culture history and Chinese people's simple sports viewpoint of value, the China that can develop at full speed from the understanding with another better outside Olympic Games field point of view.

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