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Label of figure of Yu Hang travel gives heat
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1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out only then come out! After be being designed through be collected publicly to the whole nation and inviting an expert, label of figure of Yu Hang travel gives heat eventually (see 1 edition) , the hand of Great Master of her out art Mr Han Meilin, since today to whole area fair show, listen to public opinion.

This year the beginning of the year, bureau of area scenery tourism collects figure of Yu Hang travel publicly to mark to the whole nation, published 6 to be seleted work through our newspaper on March 27, undertake to broad citizen fair show. The opinion that from expert and citizen two levels feedback looks, think the work quality that is seleted formerly owes beautiful generally, but a few work or report went out a few significant desirable element. For this, area tourism bureau these work deliver Mr Han Meilin, consult for him, ask him to redesign label work.

The label work of Mr Han Meilin, will " Yu Hang " " beyond " the curassow that deduces what small piece of land surrounded by water by fine culture figure element is formed to fly. The bird serves as " travel " visual element, also represented " Yu Hang travels " zoology resource. And the fine Zhu Wen that forms it changes figure element, vivid showed " Yu Hang travels " humanitarian resource; Mark colour drew lessons from the color of the jade article in content of fine Zhu Wen, have the aftertaste of plain, Wen Run, massiness to the person. In the meantime, the mark used Chinese calligraphic to behave a form, air is boundless, vigrous and simple and honest, having intense culture wallop. The figure of the mark also travels legibility, easy memory, easily.

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