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Changzhou international moves free art week to will be held in September at 8 ye
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Theme: Promote ethical culture, enlarge international communication, build cooperative platform, develop cartoon property.

Tenet: Through running artistic week, overflow in order to move for intermediary, communication cooperates; Capital attraction, cultivate an industry.

Ministry of culture of classics People's Republic of China is approved and support, the 2008 China that communicate center, Jiangsu provincial Party committee to publicize ministry, Jiangsu to save culture hall, Jiangsu to save government of broadcasting television bureau and Changzhou city people to be sponsorred jointly by culture of culture ministry China and foreign countries (Changzhou) international uses free skill week general came on September 28, 2008.

Activity of 6 large principal part

One, artistic week exposition and 2008 China (Changzhou) international moves opening ceremony of free art week

Time: On September 28 - on October 5

Place: China dinosaur garden

This activity is the core part of whole and artistic week. On September 28 9: The 28 exposition in be being divided in China dinosaur garden advocate place (A house) square holds ceremony of exposition cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony, attend an object to include: National leader and culture ministry, Jiangsu saves a leader; Save each relevant section leader; City quadruplet team is led; Commissioner, honored guest, take part in the match work delegate; Ginseng exhibit orgnaization delegate; Member of ensemble of artistic week organizing committee, Executive Board; Each big animation base represents each brother city and whole nation; Industry elite is represented; China and foreign countries is moved overflow lover delegate, teenage student is represented.

Current exposition divides A, B, C, D, E, F, G7 exhibit house and house of 2 characteristic sale, have the exhibition area of 10000 much square metre about, can accommodate 500 standards to exhibit at least. Main component is area of 4 big functions: The industry reveals area, major to reveal area, interactive experience area and develop produce to sell a division. Exhibition content includes: Orgnaization of domestic and international famous animation is revealed, cartoon movie and TV piece program copyright trades, move cartoon work to reveal, move free number game and film to reveal, of produce of develop of number of book of dress of toy of of all kinds cartoon, cartoon, cartoon and other cartoon reveal be on sale. Whole exposition exhibits section to become by domestic abroad.

2, China International changes free work game

Time: On September 23 - 27 days

Place: Hotel of bay of sweet tree of new north area

1, collect work: Collect cartoon publicly inside global limits to move overflow work of art to take part in the match, work is collected and in principle of primary election job is in the first ten days of a month was finished in August.

2, the commissioner meets: The chairman that invites by the organizing committee is called together, total number control is in 14 people less than, among them abroad commissioner number not less than 8 people.
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