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Popular science of house of 2008 Dongguan science uses free art part
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House of 2008 Dongguan sciencePopular science moves free art pitch circle to be held completely, for Dongguan burning hot summer vacation offers lover most activity of Shu Xin's happy summer vacation time, this second activity with the theme " happy popular science, glamour is moved free " set out, combinative popular science and use the power that overflow, the love combustion that imagines the science of caricature person comes highest.

5 days exhibit meeting, the government acquires exact number with means of professional statistic of stream of people, the lover that records so that exceed 70 thousand person-time comes round to look around, be full of the field of idea to decorate, rich spot activity, each have the show of love, carry outSquare flower uses up what idea prepares on the west to be broken through every time before mobile window, allow fan people experience unprecedented passion, also again Dongguan move free culture atmosphere to be pushed all-time new tall.

Exhibit the meeting is already satisfactory ring down the curtain, but the passion that we are stirring the combustion that flood a part to wear has not gone out, let the form of Wen Bingmao of author to in an attempt to now, guide have been to spot friend, review together experience Dongguan lover people the activity that has love, also let more have not is participated in or miss the friend of this second activity, with us be personally on the scene experiences the enthusiastic atmosphere at that time.

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