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Label of figure of travel elephantine mountain is new give heat
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According to message of prefectural tourism bureau, label of figure of my county travel is new today give heat. This label cent is two meaning, blue expresses the view of the sea, hill of dark contain elephant is the bethel that seascape travels, the goes straight towards leap happily Pisces on offing is formed " X " (like Shan Yingwen initial) figure, career of travel of contain image hill is just like this Pisces figure of lucky jubilation to show bouncing type to develop euqally. Label of this travel figure communicates academic Lu Shaofu to teach by vision of Chinese academy of fine arts hold knife design.

It is reported, since prefectural tourism bureau held label of figure of travel elephantine mountain to award is collected on Feburary 25 this year oneself, got friend of countrywide all circles energetically support and enthusiasm are participated in, share 314 work to play the game.

Experts express, travel figure marks, it is a serious content in process of travel brand construction, collect like what hill travel indicates choose, it is a when brand of trend of travel elephantine mountain changes new start. Travel figure label decides pair of my counties to found travel really it is strong county, important to make recreational elephant hill have meaning.

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