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Figure of cartoon of Korea true alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice designs a
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One, sponsor square
Korea sea shows group China headquarters really especially

2, exclusive network undertakes
Arting365 originality arena

3, contest time:
Work collects: Came on September 10, 2008 on October 10
Time criticizes first: On October 15, 2008 - on October 17
Criticize time eventually: Before October 25, 2008
Bear the palm announces: Before October 30, 2008

4, take part in the match notice:
(one) take part in the match means:
The player will take part in the match directly work uploads the page of contest special subject to Arting365 originality arena can, can undertake in contest website work is revealed, the operation such as the comment.
Work refers an address: Http:// Cmpid=25
(Read carefully please " originality arena takes part in the match regulations " )

(2) design requirement and clew:
1. has extremely strong affinity, concise, fashionable
2. may have with the company brand element that arrive: Company Logo (Jin Chan) , CI color, Zhu Xie, ice cube, roric...
3. needs work specification: Gift for instance he (without sexual distinction) individual character -- true dew collocation of ice bakes steaky pork is him to love to wait a moment most
4. our enterprise: Professional wine kind the internationalization group company of production, sale, headquarters is in Korea
5. our target crowd: 18~35 year old undergraduate and white-collar crowd
6. our product feature: Relaxed, vogue, vigor
Work of 7. be recruited is referred with electronic draft form, mode of blueprint draft color must be RGB mode, design control is in 600 × 800 less than resembling element, size control 500KB is the following, after all work are changed to JPG please, upload;
The design of high accuracy of 8. author reservation pursues formerly (like AI, CDR, PSD) , so that supply is carried to sponsor after pitch on square;
9. asks an author to leave number of means of real full name, connection, Id, email, contribution is uniform do not retreat, ask an author to accept draft oneself. (note: Afore-mentioned individual data do not appear in designing an electron draft)
(More business information and business style ascend true dew website pleaseWww.hite-jinrochina.comRefer)Referenced material downloads

5, selection method:
1. contest is evaluated by first trial and final judgment two link are comprised;
2. solicits contributinos after the end, by Korea sea group of especially true beverage organizes relevant professional to undertake evaluating to work;
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