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Landscape of first Brazil international designs congress

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Sponsor: Association of Brazilian landscape stylist(ABAP)
Riode Janeiro combines university building and urban college
Support: International landscape stylist is allied (IFLA)

Time: In November 2006 22-24 day
Place: Brazilian Riode Janeiro

Theme: Theory of design of latin america landscape and practice (Methods And Project Practices In Landscape Architecture In Latin America)

To celebrate association of Brazilian landscape stylist (ABAP) hold water 30 years, make preparations hereby this second conference. This conference by association of Brazilian landscape stylist (ABAP) and building of university of Riode Janeiro combination and urban college combination are sponsorred. The conference still got alliance of international landscape stylist (of IFLA) support energetically.

• designs the theory of the bound and practice achievement to undertake discussion with respect to the landscape in going 30 years;
• passes pair of nowadays to appear in latin america the concerned concept of each city, technology and the analysis that design the issue such as the concept, discuss the future that landscape designs.
• announces a most landscape design from personnel of course of study design of very not clear Latin America landscape shows besides.
• promotes the progress of course major, create the communication between latin america person of the same trade and cooperative opportunity.

Topic for discussion:
• landscape and memory (Landscape And Memory)
• landscape, nature and culture (Landscape, nature And Culture)
• landscape conveys: Challenge and likelihood (Landscape And Graphic Representation: Challenges And Possibilities)
• landscape did not come: Development and foreground (Landscape And Future: Developments And Perspectives)

Still have with what current meeting the corresponding period holds " landscape of first ABAP international designs a contest " (The 1st ABAP International Landscape Architecture Competition) , this second contest faces all coming from the student of latin america and collect work from personnel of course of study. This second contest aims to become a rich originality, rich to collect numerous long, at the same time assemble near future latin america is outstanding the exhibition of landscape achievement.

On November 22, 2006 - 24 days of conference communication
The technology looked around on November 25, 2006

More information visits ABAP government website please: Http://

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