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The forward position that contemporary furniture vogue designs: 2006 furniture o

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Call one of 3 big exhibitions of world " Milanese international furniture is exhibited " from 1961 Milanese furniture exhibits the history that establishs to had had 2005 44 years, formedMilanese international furniture is exhibited, Milanese international lamps and lanterns is exhibited, semi-manufactured goods of Milanese international furniture and fittings are exhibited, satellitic salon is exhibited wait for series exhibition, it is whole world furniture, deserve to act the role of, the vane of popularity of lamps and lanterns.

Milanese international furniture exhibits the forward position that is design of contemporary furniture style, it is the platform that Italian furniture exports not only, also be the grand meeting that public figure of industry of whole world furniture awaits eagerly every year. Furniture ginseng postpones business gross 1, 463, among them 1, 239 come from Italy, 224 come from other each country to buy the home.

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