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Singapore " the president designs award " accept nomination to praise this local
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According to " associated morning paper " report, the national level award that Singapore praises this locality stylist and design first times " the president designs award " , by Singapore Na Dan's president was pushed formally yesterday exhibit, public nomination is accepted since this day.
"The president designs award " rebuild by the urban district bureau and Singapore design board are pushed in tandem exhibit, issue " Singapore year stylist " and " Singapore year is designed " exceedingly good award.
"Singapore year stylist " winner besides award with certificate outside, still can achieve trait " the president designs a section " , design a project with what will undertake be concerneded with community.
Na Dan's president held in presidential government office yesterday " originality 2005 " point out on the evening party, singapore originality talent in recent years overseas cuts a figure and obtain international to affirm, for example Qiu Jinhai's directive film " companion our bank " in Kang Cheng the shadow exhibited scene to appear this year in May, become director week to kick off motion picture of shown first this locality.
In addition, international is famous the person that design job designs center, international like BMW Asia indoor architect / stylist federation also establishs headquarters in Singapore in succession, the originality industry of indicative this locality is in the level that develops flourishingly.
Na Dan says: "The design industry of this locality already started fly, establish national level award in this moment accordingly, the originality talented person of affirmative this locality has remarkable sense. Their crackajack originality and design, develop a design to make contribution to lead urban cause for Singapore not only, also abounded our culture and life quality, the president designs award to want to pay highest honor to them just about. The president designs award to want to pay highest honor to them just about..
"Singapore year stylist " issue in this locality or abroad the Singapore dweller that publishs design work or permanent resident.
"Singapore year is designed " also include " building and urban design " project, cent this locality and abroad work two groups.
The public can nominate design group the prominent public figure of each domain, for example advertisement, fashionable dress, pack, industrial product, indoor, building, toy, nomination date of expiration is next year on March 15.
Singapore is promoting originality industry development actively at present, news, communication and artistic ministry predict to be in future inside 5 years, investment develops this burgeoning industry 200 million yuan, priority discipline is art, design and media.
"Originality 2005 " it is the large-scale international grand meeting that Singapore news, communication and artistic ministry sponsor, wide solicit each country talented person of famous originality group participates in his to fill.
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