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Award of large award of 2006iF products plan, design of student of IF concept pr
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Come from the whole world 1952 products of 37 countries and area attended this second IF the evaluation of products plan large award, commissioners undertook evaluating from 12 different classification, share 689 products to obtain IF to design outstanding award, among them will 50 win a gold prize -- " design Oscar " , the CeBIT 2006 that will hold on March 9, 2006 announces on congress. The catchword of this second evaluation is " design, not be the market " , its 10 decide on awards through discussion choose a standard to include labour of practical, security, human body to learn what achieve gender, environmental protection sex, resource formerly is feature, managing and use gender, high quality design again, mix to the sense organ intellective beneficial sex. Taiwan area is obtained in this year not common achievement, pick in all take 60 IF prize, bright base with one action obtains 12, grand Chinese also wins 5 award; The Tian Yi that large terrestrial area associates cash register of POS of plain cropland of CITAQ of head of 2 air conditioning of Er of 500 notebook computer, sea, Shan on a list of names posted up famous.

The student of IF concept product that the corresponding period holds designs award to also achieve newest history record: Receive arrival to be mixed from 33 countries in all area 639 work. 20 youths design a talent to win award of IF concept products plan, the bonus flower that is as high as 10 thousand euro likewise falls whose hand also will be announced on CeBIT 2006 congress. What commissioners pay close attention to more is standard of their computer of idea and rather than. The Yu Lifeng's classmate that comes from institute of Chinese Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain again bear the palm, the SHEK WING KEI of Hong Kong area is seleted likewise.

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