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2006Work of ONE SHOW whole world is collected
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Work deadline: On January 31, 2006

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Take part in the match and pay cost information
Take part in the match qualification
The work that all taking part in the match is required came to be published for the first time between January 31, 2006 or broadcast in January 2005. Published definition is to be in have specific reader group the advertisement work that publishs on public media. Through One Club or One Show publishs do not calculate inside. Take part in the match work can be handed over by the personage inside any course of study.
Take part in the match specification
Attend interactive award of One Show award, One Show Interactive and award of design of One Show Design to choose, land our website , according to clew online sign up register. One Show is online system signing up is designed technically for the player, the purpose is to be a player to save fill in the time of the form of loaded down with trivial details and work label. Online register require 5 simple step only, convenient disembarkation the system makes all players can pass Internet, change at any time on an any computers and add work.
Present work
2.Register in our online system signing up.
3.Add through online work detailed list, edit and delete work.
4.Download prints an all and necessary document, include detailed account of work label, work, pack and media print sows a proof
5.Want all files and place charge outfit is good, put division of scale of fees in the first group to take part in the match in the wrap up of work.

Send whole package to the following address before January 31, 2006: The One Club For Art&Copy
21East 26th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Attn: The One Show
Contact means:
The One Club
21E. 26th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Tel: (212)-979-1900
Fax: (212)-979-5006
One Club network address: Http://
Online system signing up: Http://

Chinese area takes part in the match advisory phone: 86 10 5869 6184

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