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Asian cup LOGO was announced formally 2007
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Beijing time on January 4 afternoon, LOGO of government of 2007 Asias cup begins type at 13:30 in inferior kuala lumpur of sufficient couplet headquarters undertakes, will regard ballot as ceremonial prelude with this. Current, new Asian cup LOGO has been announced, monopoly of Hong Kong of China of this LOGO out designs a company, complete system revealed the style of Asian football.

2007 Asian cup first by 4 Amphitryon Indonesian, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam couplet do, match date from July 2007 7 to 29 days. The Asian cup LOGO that just undertaking begins ceremonially, inferior Ha Man of sufficient couplet chairman, secretary-general dimension pulls Pan He 2007 Zhang Jilong of chairman of Asian cup organizing committee, open the mysterious veil of official LOGO together.

The composition of a picture of LOGO and tonal it is to be based on 4 sponsor national tradition and design, main body is the mark that is axes with the football, representing the spirit of unitive of one mind. All round yellow, red, green, blue represented 4 Amphitryon respectively, close together around in main body football all round, this government LOGO also was conveyed inferior the longing with sufficient friendly to globalization peace couplet.

Asian cup government indicated by the design that is famous in an Asia company Monopoly is designed 2007, final result is single out by fan. This LOGO is representing 4 Amphitryon to hold national great ambition and unitive spirit, and inferior of one mind of solidarity of all member association marchs toward sufficient couplet the common cause of the height, the theme is vigor, each other is respected, unite and young change.

Note: Monopoly Design held water 1986, headquarters is located in Chinese Hong Kong, it is an all-around company brand plan and company of planar design service. This service company that wins special honour repeatedly founds by place of president Andy Blank, going up century 90 time expand the domain is designed on multimedia and net, already ascended at present personally at dimensions of Chinese Hong Kong the biggest much field designs a company.

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