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" dog of door of super and inapproachable palm " large award of animation of int
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This is manual clay animation crackdown to contemporary computer animation. Last weekend, the clay animation that wins Oscar nomination " dog of door of super and inapproachable palm: The curse of person hare " (Wallace&Gromit:THeCurseoftheWere-Rabbit) sweep anything away award of Ai Ni of the 33rd year, with one action takes animation of next optimal animation full-length film, optimal TV to wait multinomial large award.

This cartoon that manufactures by SKG of dream factory animation used computer animation technology in a few very brief passage only, film is the earliest by England " company of A Damu animation " make, 3 short of this series were published on TV to 1995 from 1989, in addition this company still made 2000 animation film " chickling tantivy " . " dog of door of super and inapproachable palm " also overcame · handkerchief gram and Steve Bokesi to bring optimal director reward for the Buddhist nun at the same time, take large award of next optimal music and optimal playwrite at the same time. Peter Sailisi brought the British performer that this cartoon still is 85 years old of advanced age award of dub of optimal animation full-length film. When the director handkerchief gram still is in film school to learn, when just beginning to create this cartoon, he held the position of leading role Hualaishi's dub works.

Ai Ni award is learned every year to issue by international animation film, often become in those days Oscar is optimal the barometer of animation film portion. Although got the endearment of film review person, but " dog of door of super and inapproachable palm " not be box-office and popular movie. Story around move man of a confused England and his dutiful doggie spread out, make a person with clay, and with a picture a picture places model film " calm case " gimmick films. The animation that decide case is the earliest animation films one of means, obtain " Wubu Yiwokesi award " Dimu Bodu " corpse bride " also used this kind to film means, but the character is made with balata puppet.

Be in this year animation bound sweep wind restoring ancient ways. Just win Oscar computer animation did not make 3 movie that optimal cartoon nominates. Besides two afore-mentioned film, the 2 dimension animation that film of nomination of the 3rd Oscar is Gong Qijun of Japanese animation Great Master " mobile castle of Hal " .

Other award still include: Optimal TV animation: " strategic defense initiative: Ⅱ of clone person war " optimal electron game: " final spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " (UltimateSpider-Man) film of optimal number animation: " Madagascar " " gallinaceous young general mobilization " work of optimal family entertainment: " interstellar baby 2: Shi Diji has a problem " program of optimal animation short film: " fan and flower " ...

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