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"Humanitarian touch " Holand Droog design is exhibited
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Droog Design -- the mark that Holand designs and indicative

Droog Design by orchid Ni Langmakesi (Renny Ramakers) and conspicuous Si Beck (Gijs Bakker) founded jointly 1993. Exhibit in Milanese international furniture namely in those days on brilliance bursts first. Now, droog Design becomes a design that has revolutionary mind most now to organize with design of the furniture of one of series deal in generalities, articles for daily use.

Droog is in Dutch " dry " meaning, the design that represents Droog Design is simple, clear, not feint, the key that its design is originality, simple forever convey a clarity forthrightly and original concept, and of work practical.

All designs of Droog Design the creation spirit of backside of work of with a view to and meaning, representing a kind of a kind of concept, spirit, the introspection that reachs work of a kind of opposite experiments. Be in this Shanghai newest international vogue ground in mark, when the eyeball of people is attracted by the design with sundry luxuriant luxury, the work of Droog Design is especially other thought-provoking, your audience finds everything new and fresh.

"Humanitarian touch " design of Holand Droog Great Master is exhibited

This exhibition name of Droog Design is " humanitarian touch " , the purpose depends on reinforcing the interactive concern between the person that use and design work. Whole exhibition has 62 to cover an item on display in all, cent is " interactive " , " tactility " , " simple " , " experience " , " endless and perfect " , " familiar " and " adornment " a few much, the characteristic that its design is the place that suits to differ, tear open outfit is handy, simple easy travel, the person that use has extremely strong own operation sex to designing work.

Device is " humanitarian touch " exhibiting main component, the person that look around undertakes interacting through contact and shift and product, the further exploration that arouses pair of this design products thereby and think. Device by a group of functions the article of similar product setting is formed, these article are a group of furniture normally, if table, ambry, lamp, chair is waited a moment, they formed those who show Droog product together or large or diminutive room. In these simulative rooms, the person that look around is OK the furniture things that him rediscovery uses daily had a few special functions actually, perhaps comprise by special material, perhaps become more wonderful and interesting namely.

"Experience " series work: Bench - Come A Little Bit Closer

"Memory " series work: Chest Of Drawers
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