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Korea head Er holds Swedish design to exhibit
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Swedish embassy to be in an Er artistic center of south of Korea head Er Hangaram designs exhibition " the life in promotion: The innovation that Sweden designs and technology of SamSung number enlarge " the exhibition held a news conference.

The target of the exhibition is revealing an invention is the force that how becomes change society not only, adopt a design, also can become trade of successful product.

If exhibit the person that look around to leave next impression only, the design that is contemporary Sweden and Korea then is innovating medium powerful force. How is the exhibition still showed the past and present design and skill united in wedlock, and carry a product, image, character and photograph lead new innovation.

Embassy hopes this exhibition can help Korea change the view to Sweden, rebuild thereby the economy of Sweden and Korea concerns.

"The welfare system that people knows to because it is advantageous,Sweden is merely, is not the creativity on the design. " Cho Jae-hwi of assistant of Swedish embassy news says so.

Cho says, although at present the result of the exhibition returns those who do not have commercial trade respect, but embassy is remained hopeful, because the exhibition will concern to rebuilding,have a positive effect.

Express according to Cho, one of main reasons that hold this exhibition strengthen Sweden and Korea to design the connection of the domain in technology and industry namely, promote the development of Swedish industry at the same time.

Embassy is centered in pharmacy to revealing, the idea cardinal principle on construction equipment and company of high-tech product Sweden made a plan and plan market fund, in order to promote the bilateral trade with Korea and economic contact.

Swedish embassy organized this to be the same as Swedish government, the project of Swedish company and local partner.

"The life in promotion -- the innovation that Sweden designs " be be in with arrangement same additionally two exhibitions in exhibition exhibit together.

One is the SamSung electron exhibition in high-tech innovation respect. Another is with this this the exhibition of the Swedish industry that the reform development of the Na Weiya country of can contacts together closely, include Woerwo to build branch of equipment company Korea, SAAB (gentry treasure car) , haldex Korea branch and a few otherer company.

One of person that look around, be in an engineering student Michael Han of 23 years old when Er visits family, the delicate degree impression that says he shows a product to place is very deep. "To learn from good examples engineering is mixed after obtain design inspiration, I feel I must add attention Sweden more. I feel I must add attention Sweden more..

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