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The seventeenth is like list of bear the palm of section of unconscious internat
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Festival International De L'Affiche Et Des Arts Graphiques De Chaumont
List of the seventeenth person that be like bear the palm of section of unconscious international placard is announced

Section of placard of international of the seventeenth Xiao Meng received those who come from 60 many countries to make an appointment with 2000 pieces of ginseng to surpass work. 110 pieces of placard that come from 96 stylist among them are selected enter an exhibition.

First prize Andrei Logvin (RU) , "Museum Night In Krasnoiarsk "
Second-class award Harmen Liemburg (NL) For "Fall Lecture Series "
M of third class award&M, paris (CH) For "Los Angeles "
Stefan Sagmeister (USA) For "Sagmeister In Chaumont of Icograda large award "

Selected placard comes from 21 countries, the Chinese shares 6 stylist ginseng to exhibit, among them 3 come from chinese mainland, it is respectively:
Chinese mainland
Youmin Yuan /In China
The Works Show Of Department Of Art of / of Zhou Lin  &Design By Professional Teahcers
Haichen Zhu / The Future 2010, graphic Design Show By Deaf - Mute Students
Chinese Taiwan:
Leslie Chan Design Co, LTD. , leslie &Chan Wing Kei / Chinese Character; Green&Life; Homage To Salvador Dali
Reside abroad Germany:
Jianping He / Bilder-Schrift (Pictography)
Hong Zhang / Philharmonic Hans Scharon

Each country is selected stylist number is specific as follows:
France France 23
Germany Germany 18
Japan Japan 13
Switzerland Switzerland 10
Netherlands Holand 6
China China 4
Finland is Finnish 3
Russia Russia 3
Australia Australia 2
Brazil Brazil 2
Portugal is Portuguese 2
Byelorussian White Russia 1Iran Iran 1Iceland is Icelandic 1
Italy Italy 1Poland is polish 1
Spain Spain 1
Turkey earth Er its 1
Ukraine Wu Kelan 1
United Kingdom England 1
USA United States 1

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