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Industry of Swedish culture originality grows general situation
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Sweden already developed become powerful nation of current world originality, forming powerful industry to collect effect, and center to the city apparently.

According to concerning statistical report, sweden has the obtain employment population of 9% to pursue culture originality estate about. From 1994-1999 year the statistical data of population of Swedish obtain employment will observe, grow in industry of Swedish culture originality the fastest is design line of business (124%) and multimedia industry (112%) , it is to grow next the fine art of 71% (include to perform the) such as artistic, planar art, literature.

Culture estate development of Sweden is apparent to urbanism, especially with the Stockholm most apparent. Have the Stockholm of population of countrywide 1/5 obtain employment, have the culture industry population of complete Sweden 1/3 actually, in culture population of concentrated area culture was occupied 73% , even in blame culture concentrated area also has 53% is a cultural worker.

Sweden has the culture originality industry with representative country most, want to talk about the film and music above all, because Sweden is the whole world,the 3rd old music exports a nation, movie industry is more successful, tens of year will produce a lot of classical calling card and film wonder.

Swedish car and bldg. can be on the international market make a great coup, besides top high-tech talent, technology design also is decisive factor, the industry of national treasure class that it has made a kind of enough represent Swedish culture characteristic.

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