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IPod design inspiration is uncovered close
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Shinubi and crayon are small new old practice

About 10 years ago, was controlled 1995, in order to do not have li head " sign up for a newspaper to me " column is red the Lu Yu Jia that alls over half the sky, an essay was published on supplement of Chinese times world. The story is to say, japan is in when Shinubinian is light very tasteful, after answering the United States, see on the magazine one of these day long small like the crayon that is exactly like oneself new, however because inside blame dare not admit, be forced all the time in the dark the March protection that makeup becomes a white is little new. One day little new risk bumps by the car, history exert is in than the March of disguise oneself as an imminent peril during strong past protection is little new, the injury is not treated again.

Mortal before, history exert is smaller than asking a person to search see he is final newly at the same time. Small ask newly with tears: "Are you my one's own father? "Are you my one's own father??

The heart thinks Shinubi, can let small Xinzhidaozi how oneself the son that is a dog, be forced extinct last true energy of life, speak well-meaning crammer: "Not, you are the son of horsebean. You are the son of horsebean..

How the big tragedy of suspense of Song of Jing of ethics kissing affection of bowstring of popular feeling of shake of be deeply moved, what spends fire of thunder of tornado of series daughter-in-law series to be compared to go down immediately. The key is, the caption of this article, be " the son that small Henry is earthnut " , can owe again a bit flatter irrespective. Savour distinctive birthday department sister two love died this story, one love loved 10 years.
IPod follows the concern of the equipment that defend bath

Kick explode of Shinubi and small new kin is Lu Yu Jia, IPod is bath crock little brother this is secret, also I do not discover, however brand of before two skies runs class hour, on invitation the makings that guest Luke Williams explodes. The industry that Lu Ke is ﹞of Frog of ﹝ of frog of firm of American tip design designs chief inspector, his brief, it is me since reading MBA, had listened most the address that essence of life culls.

Lu Ke's opening remarks, it is his discovery since IPod after red overturn the heavens, the client of all products plan designation asks to want " the simple sense of IPod " . Every time the where that he asks to the client likes IPod a bit, gotten result is " it looks very clean. Gotten result is " it looks very clean..
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