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Memorial hall of relics of center of trade of world of American new York begins
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Memorial hall of relics of center of trade of world of American new York designs plan make choice of

Memorial hall of relics of center of trade of world of new York of United States of already can formal on January 6 make choice of designs the commissioner of a 13 people plan, the final plan of the person that they decide the plan that has two cistern design regards recall as 11 die in an accident of 9 · .

According to Afp message, this entitle " after-thought is short of break " (the centre of gravity that the plan of Reflecting Absence) designs is two cistern under street face. Around these two cistern is a shop is worn cobble and planting square of piny open air.

The city below the Manhadu that sponsors design program contest develops a company to divulge, they had undertaken modification to this plan, the version after revising will be being announced next week.

It is reported, memorial hall will build the place of cave in of alive trade edifice, in plan, the name that carves the 2752 people that in having 11 assault of 9 · , die around the stone column admiral of cistern and 1993 world trade center explodes the 6 the individual's full names that die in incident.

Memorial hall of relics of center of trade of world of American new York begins construction

Associated press report, memorial hall of world trade center once was in some earlier moment halts construction because of design and capital problem, and on August 17, construction begins afresh.

Gemini tower begins mining all round place foundation, will build two large pool, this is " introspection is short of break " the heart place of memorial hall. 2001 " 9.11 incident " later, workers begin to clear the rubbish on field, 140 Liang Zhu that are memorial hall, museum and center of the person that look around and the job.

Officials hope the cistern of museum and memorial hall and chute of setting of Gemini tower seat can arrive to was opened 2009. March, construction begins, the as a result of Newyork city and new York city leaders after two months ask to redesign, the cost of near 1 billion dollar falls, construction is interrupted at this point.

New design is by June win approval, the subterranean space of memorial hall decreased, promote street face height the structure of name of the person that quarter have nearly 3000 die in an accident. The cost of memorial hall approachs 650 million dollar at present.

The possessory new York of world trade center and Xin Zexi port office take-overed construction works, it is capital of project infuse more. This summer started the foundation that responsible and private fund raises national activity, try hard the additionally 170 million dollar that wants for memorial hall place.
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