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"Art and science "- - the original design that unscrambles Kaidilake
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After the brand of the Imperial Ancestral Temple that flares in great of imposing manner extensive, starlight is released, the Kaidilake of Chinese market the each product with dazzing diamond cut exterior and high-tech costly equipment in matrix boasts like that at the world, all the master degree that can weighs exciting designs crystallization. Kaidilake -- this art and scientific and perfect union, have outstanding temperament and style the brand of wind model becomes one of home's most exciting on luxurious car market leaders already.

Can get the market quickly approbate, the products plan of outstanding, extraordinary is Kaidilake's oldest hero without doubt. And regard Kaidilake as new century " design Bible " , "Art and science " design a concept also as Kaidilake the sell like hot cakes of the product and gradually thorough popular feeling.

Original design concept

Kaidilake, one is meant character, outstanding with top class and luxurious name, will more than 100 years go after innovation all the time, be designed hard and produce the luxurious car of extraordinary. And " art and science " , it is the innovation concept that coachs in new century Kaidilake designs prospective car.

"Art and science " it is Kaidilake acceded add of succeed of marrow of hundred years brand is bold the design concept that innovate and forms. It is shirt-sleeve Kaidilake " dare be the world first " brand spirit, advocate individual character and contemporary design style, it is pair of Kaidilake brand accumulate and deduce of experience of hundred years history. "Art and science " shirt-sleeve the glamour of artistic beauty and science and technology, the exterior of bold innovation is designed, hale, concise, line is fluent, the modelling with trenchant edges and corners gives a person strong visual impact; The bold, delicate, interior trim color that has feeling of prospective science and technology can arouse people comprehend; Ground of none miserly high equipment incisively and vividly showed the marrow of American spaceflight technology to be in, high-tech raw material and yarn fabric also built exalted luxurious character. In excelsior to the design process, gifted scientific and artisticly Kaidilake the glamour of extraordinary.

In stylist eye of Kaidilake, art is strength of bold and rich show. Art is to have affective, mix through manual craft the original design that achieve a gender, can let Kaidilake glamour 4 shoot, have conspicuous elegant demeanor again. Differ with artistic romance, science and technology is rational. Pile up through functional drive and technology, what Kaidilake just can have agile automobile body line and human nature is costly deploy.

"Art and science " Kaidilake the brand locates at cavalcade of high-grade and luxurious car. As traditional as Europe type inside the luxurious car of collect style is different, "Art and science " emphasize beautiful type showing off, the hope is mixed one kind distinctly to the client the enjoyment that achieves formerly, is not just a kind " I also am " duplicate design. Design in the car especially luxurious car design is coessential change serious today, so bold design thinking has to say is a kind of innovation.
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