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The stay away from home that Switzerland designs now (10.27-12.10 of Guangdong a
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Design art gallery of institute, Guangdong to sponsor by art of mulberry of Swiss the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, switzerland is stationed in Guangzhou consulate assist do " the stay away from home that Switzerland designs now " was in Guangdong on December 10 at coming on October 27, 2006 art gallery the 5th, 9 exhibition halls exhibit.

Switzerland is designed all along with its originality is original and convenient and practical be famous in the whole world, by accepted the example to design a domain now. Swiss stylist people be good at surprising already think of clever want, can produce manufacturer to cooperate in coordination with each again, hard of Da Zhen product perfect.

Now design style of Switzerland, in follow form and function on the foundation of classical and aesthetic principle of perfect union, ceaseless combination alternates a variety of elements such as delicate, contracted, practical, adornment. Wh some of which provides the design work of halfback sex, more originality change goes, introduce rich interest sex, your person fondles admiringly. This kind cogent the daily life daily life that takes care of people, the design incline to that deduces the life aesthetic experience that makes genteel culture tradition and rich appeal, report gives Swiss stylist to design the excellent performance of innovation and economic domain now.

The Pierre Kele that comes from art of mulberry of Swiss the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to design an institute (Pierre-Keller) professor, elaborate scheme organizes the newest creative work of the group of new generation stylist of a batch of young and rich endowment, bring those who be famous in great reputation " Switzerland is made " the series finished product of famous design brand, gather together " Switzerland is designed now " exhibit especially, wu is begged reflect contemporary Switzerland to design a bound to break through traditional, pursuit the open sex of outstanding innovation designs a concept.

The product that what this second exhibition reveals is 5 typical Switzerland companies (FELCO; SIGG, swatch, victorinox, vitra) ; The stylist that the introduction has become famous 11 times (Atelier Oï , har of é of Ruedi Baur Yves B, jörg Boner, antoine Cahen, alfredo Häberli, r é My Jacquet, christophe Marchand, norm. Hannes Wettstein, cornel Windlin) design new show with 11 (Nicole Aebischec, fabio Biancaniello, thilo Brunner, martino D ' Esposito. Alexis Georgacopoulos, emanuelle Jaques, chrstian Kägi, körner Union; Nicolas Le Moigne Augustin Scott De Martinville, adrien Rovero) .

The audience of visiting exhibition will see gladly, all item on display hold a clever originality and practical function concurrently, go to the lavatory to be used at will in daily life. These outstanding and individual design an excellent work, will reveal means to appear one by one through friendly and interactive multimedia, if can edify the thinking of people, the observation that promotes pair of good trifling matters of everyday life and experience, that is right Guangdong art gallery and Switzerland are stationed in China the good original intention that consulate holds this exhibition jointly and desire, had an active and effective feedback.
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