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Design of mascot of Olympic Winter Games of Canadian Wen Ge China was announced
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Wengehuadong plan of group of Ao Jixiang thing

Mascot of organizing committee of Olympic Winter Games of Wen Ge China was announced on November 27 local time 2010. Low poem saves the basis such as Huang Huiqi of immigrant of generation foreign citizen of Chinese origin the 3 cartoon image that mythological fokelore creates is successful and selected.

The name of wintry 奧 meeting mascot is respectively: Rice is added (Miga, the polar bear in aborigines myth) , chief is especially strange (Quatchi, ) of savage of North America beetle-crusher; And winter incomplete the mascot of abstruse meeting is to be called Su Mi (Sumi, the animal that wearing killer whale hat protects divine) . Still have Mukmuk(of mascot of a foil additionally a kind of rare Wengehua insular groundhog) . Mukmuk is not official mascot of the government, but can appear in a few circumstances.

27 days of early in the morning, wengehuadong abstruse prepare appoint the veil that many 800 pupil of the city in meeting and element of large lukewarm area opened mascot together. Before this, mascot figure belongs to high secret all the time. With Beijing the Olympic Games is similar Spring 2008, chip appoint also can choose to use a group of and rather than a mascot comes illuminate Olympic Winter Games of Wen Ge China.

According to introducing, the design firm that the architect of these 3 figure is mainland of Wen Ge China -- rice 奧 rice designs a company (Meomi Design) , among them a stylist emigrates for generation foreign citizen of Chinese origin Huang Huiqi. These 3 mascot are not the animal of actual existence, originate however Canadian fokelore. The inspiration of Miga comes from the fokelore at Canadian aboriginal nation, it is the polar bear of ski of a meeting. Quatchi is one is having long beard only, wearing the old an eccentric person of blue earflap. Can be not frightened by this name nevertheless, it actually very bashful, very tender. Its design intent is a hope can go to Canadian nature and mystery and miraculous connection one case. An animal demon that Sumi is the wing flight that uses Lei Diao, its bear is worn incomplete of Wen Ge China the mission of abstruse meeting mascot.

Wengehuadong abstruse chip appoint meeting altogether received 178 proposals. During the choice, sought advice from the opinion of a lot of dot, final by these 3 lovely animal wins out. Chip appoint meeting hope mascot can get the welcome of whole world children. Next, the figure of mascot can appear in website of the advertisement of the Olympic Winter Games, government and publication, and can make animal of consummate bosom chapter, fill wait a moment.
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