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The difference of art of Sino-Japanese design culture!
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A few years ago, take the plane that combines airline when me, classics Hong Kong sets out, pass through taiwan strait, when Tokyo is being flown to to become cropland airport after several hours, in what enter a country that one instantly, the new move of exotic an alien land and secret touch are in personally when a bit did not go abroad before. Because look around all around, blow on the face and those who come is the familiar traditional Chinese character that cannot be familiar with again, the word is synonymous also be the same as, still that raise one's hand casts sufficient, dress to dress up do not have with appearance expression and compatriots how old the Dong Yang's person of difference, I as if feel go for a walk is familiar with it seems that in home and new city, because besides utterance be illogical, tokyo does not feel it seems that give as southern as home some city to have how old difference.

But, through period of time attentive observation and quite, with respect to meeting discovery, no matter be,in geographical structure, life structure of disposition of consuetudinary, nation, culture is mixed on aesthetic consciousness, two countries all has not little difference. Go up in culture art especially, the culture art between two countries is " actually big surprise is little with " , perhaps saying is " is like with real surprise " .

In last few years, sino-Japanese two countries because of well-known historical reason, add two countries people mutual between understanding, communicate with interactive and insufficient, had formed detest each other with hateful mood. This once only the " of " China student of Chinese culture follow sb's lead, already created nowadays now gave a few worlds the first: World of national deposit amount the first, world of foreign exchange reserve the first, the biggest creditor nation of big country, world waits the first finance of world a moment, face these cannot evasive reality, we are hostile to, fling abuses, complain, of no help. Ever was person division " to " us, the choice nothing is more... than with best instantly knows the other side, research the other side, understanding the other side objectively, examine oneself again rationally next, hold oneself. When the inadequacy that knows oneself when us should be improved, nature should center our look on the advantage of other, so that can update oneself. And the purpose that draws lessons from others is the good qualities that clears up ourselves and inadequacy.

The Chinese nation is numerous and Japanese people is single, china history is long and of Japanese history brief, make people of Sino-Japanese two countries is having apparent difference on aesthetic consciousness: Praise highly of the Chinese nation is grandiose gain is big, japan is obsessed with at subtle and delicate. On modelling design, our Chinese pays attention to whole, pay attention to symmetry and satisfactory type. Japan refuses symmetrical, balance and satisfactory, what go up through breaking semmetry and balance to obtain a kind of vision however is balanced.
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