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The world builds congress information to well balanced design competition work i
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Theme: International is built assist the 23rd times the world builds congress general to was in in June 2008 Italy is clever hold, congress theme is " the building in evolving " . Congress organizing committee plans to establish booth of information of a congress in clever urban district, it is the place that delegate of a conference and local people gather and rests.

Sponsor: Italy builds society, effective municipal government

Requirement: Cooperate congress theme to well balanced information the design becomes a public construction, make an appointment with 100 square metre, should suit to be used by day already should suit to be used nightlily again, build material to should be used can be used circularly or environmental protection material, and form a complete set has modern communication establishment.

Take part in the match: Architect of youth of world each country can attend, resent in registered day 35 one full year of life. Agonistic language is English, take part in the match work is referred on the net.

First prize 1 10, 000 euro
Second-class award 1 5, 000 euro
Third class award 1 3, 000 euro

Commissioner: Luca Molinari (Italy) , Maria Theodorou (Greek) , George Kunihiro (Japan) , Reuben Mutiso (Kenya) , Jennifer Lee (the United States) and the delegate of effective municipal government.

Award prize: The work that wins first prize will build in Douling before congress is held. It is during congress to all bear the palm person award prize.

Began to accept on March 4, 2008 sign up with refer take part in the match work
Stopped to sign up on March 11, 2008 and end accept take part in the match work
Evaluated on March 28, 2008
Came to took part in the match showpiece on July 3 on June 30, 2008 work
Awarded prize on congress of building of the 23rd world on July 2, 2008


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