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Temporal model of Jing Xian Qi Men Dun Jia Guangxi Art Video
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April 24, 2010, one called "Novel Life" video posted on Youku online. It is understood that, as early as winter break in early 2004 after the University, should Beijing Normal University Beijing Student Film Festival Call for Works opportunity. Guangxi University of Culture and Communication, the first television drama literature student Chen Yuanliang Wuzhou membership, according to the scientific basis for many years the nature of academic research created an independent director completed a collection of space-time model of Qi Men Dun Jia existential philosophy of law and mutual integration of elements such as experimental work of academic "novel life." The film was awarded the first Bronze Bowl Guangxi University Award for best visual effects, many years later, in 2010 April 24, "the novel Life" was published online on Youku. It is reported that video is a mathematical simulation model of Qi Men Dun Jia philosophy of space and ease of management to create an academic research work. At the same time, the movie is a delicious high-impact visual feast, about creation completed in the first half of 2004. Academic research work, "the novel of life," according to Qi Men Dun Jia eight laws of space-time model derivation creation. Simulate the movement of the visual universe, space-time model, "Novel Life" which contains the legend, the visual model should model the eight laws: the law of yin and yang, opposites law, sports law, law of yin and yang, each containing quantitative change to qualitative change in law , extremes meet laws, rules and periodic wave-forward rule. Video to men and women, day and night, from top to bottom, left and other visual elements to express the mutual cooperation of yin and yang, yin and yang opposites movement of things and struggle; to titles Yang (day) consumption yin (dark) and the ending of the Yin Sheng Sheng consumption to performance of yin and yang, extremes meet and periodic law; the rose petals with buds, bloom, wither and other laws of development as the movement of things; the hero and heroine's acquaintance, and good conflict and then to the death of the heroine as the advance wave upon wave, and negative consumer law yang of the show. Video condensed into 20 minutes of time by twenty minutes the development of sports simulation and reconstruction of the universe, the laws of deduction. This is based on Qi Men Dun Jia Chen Yuanliang director mathematical model of space-time philosophy of law created experimental works. More interesting is the film which also adopted three rose petals to reveal the myriad things in order to reveal the Red Cross and Black Cross Los books, river map "in Cross, foreign circles" model. "Cross" (or class cross) type is a symbol of ancient culture, is the human mind in a "prototype", which symbolizes the universe and evolution of the model, suggesting that human beings created the universe, "absolute spirit "yearning. Research short film "Life Fiction" initial commander of the Qi Men Dun Jia deduction model of the universe, philosophy of sport and philosophy of the way the visual presentation. In ancient times, Zhuge Liang of the Eight Diagrams, this novel has Chenyuan Liang life. It is the culture of academia for the first time, the first Chinese film history, but also the first time in the history of world cinema space mathematical model of Qi Men Dun Jia visual movie of the Academic philosophy works.

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