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Originality of the 2nd Wacom draws the contest is started today

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[2008Year8Month11Day news] : Sponsor by Wacom China company, the originality of the 2nd Wacom that DDC medium website undertakes draws the contest is started formally now.

Contest of Wacom originality brushwork with " great future, I come " for the theme, atOn August 11, 2008ToOn December 10, 2008Hold. The digital and artistic originality that faces home to initiate as Wacom China company communicates an activity, wacom originality draws the contest is place of the personage inside course of study to pay close attention to all the time.

Manager of market of Wacom China company Ms. Deng Hanying says when accepting a reporter to interview: What Wacom precedes as the world is digital board production and manufacturer, come for years all the time ground of do one's best drives China to move overflow the talent with originality industry to foster. Accompany Wacom digital board in Chinese user gain ground quickly, the each originality ace, Great Master that insert a picture and painterly elite are like emerge, rapid development expands. Provide a platform that can reveal ego adequately more to give authority, promotional each other creation communication, the 2nd is held again on the base that Wacom China company ran a match successfully last year " contest of Wacom originality brushwork " .

DDC serves as this second match undertake orgnaization, having rich match organization, plan and administrative experience. It is reported, this the match will enter a school in second half of the year, have direct communication with school teachers and students, discuss technique of creation skill, discussion number, in order to make the match activity of Wacom more rich.

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