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Hold a memorial ceremony for you, sister of my parents, brother and children
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It is this 3 minutes, our true whats do not want to do, want to cry only.

This tear is to be you above all, the people below remains, the body every little bit that we can feel you is in frozen, we can feel your ache, cry out in distress and fear.

This tear also is to be you, surviving people, are you in the tent that ceaseless, flood and epidemic disease menace wear that aftershock but good? Can the grief that you lose a dear one have be pacified a bit? Does the life that are you interrupted look forward to can you light once more?

This tear suppress is long already, because save a person to be like fire fighting, we still have not enough time. We still put the shovel in no less than hands, we still stop no less than gallopped paces, we still are placed in taking off a heart anxious, we still pray in the heart, we still think more exert oneself.

Had this 3 minutes eventually however, we were not maintained, we did not long for, we cried!

The person come to help that digging people, you cried; The doctor nurses of a gleam of, you cried; The volunteers that gallop and go, you cried; With one one's heart uses up the leaders of tired, you also cried; All is in loud cry, in agog, in the raise donations, people in aid, you cried. In the national lamentation day that came to the first be established for Everyman 5000, the tear that lets us flushs and go out, cry with national name, more important, with " person " name cries.

All-time disaster hit us, attack even in certain place broke down we, those who let us see our is flimsy. However all-time disaster more aroused us, clean up we, under disaster, countless people are initiative hurry off to disaster area, countless people contribution contributes content to donate blood, all looks are looking attentively at each survival life, our affection never so blazing, our human nature also never so dinkum.

Appear this in disaster piece more commendable is, the great and positive change of common management pattern, more transparent and timely information, opener to the outside and folk civilian manner, and of national lamentation day establish, it is the mark sex act that complies with popular wishes tide.

Hold a memorial ceremony for you, sister of my parents, brother and children. It is tremendous and painful that the acme miserable intense of your experience is mixed, it is we are sure the debt of the heart that firmly writes down. The means that our only can repay, mix catastrophic and current human nature namely system refresh, solidify is us the normal of whole society, become us to march toward new start of future.

Let us repay together, governmental officials, it is better to get common office management get common office management please more it is with the person this; Proprietor of an enterprises, ask more to throw commonweal redound society, average citizens, also ask more care beside you each unfortunate weak. Make us more kind-hearted rise, purer rise, more have deep love for rise.
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