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Before shake calamity, comprehend two acting prime ministers " two detail "
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Premier of two acting people, it is likewise in people most the hour of jeopardy, be in likewise seismic disaster area, pull with photograph of hand of heart of disaster area people likewise... their mental connotation had spanned spatio-temporal cut off, let us see what is true communist, what kind of Guan Cai is truly close civilian, the people public servant that cherish one's fellow citizen.

We should forever engrave, zhou En comes the premier is 42 years ago a of epicenter of Xing stage earth touching detail. On March 10, 1966 afternoon at 2 o'clock, premier Zhou to Heibei grand village of stockaded village of Home Yao Bai inspects the situation of a disaster, make a speech arouse to disaster area masses. At that time incomplete snow not disappear sand blown by wind is very big, the premier wore a feeble cyan woolen cloth to take only. At this moment, attentive premier discovers masses is the face sits to northwest wind, say immediately, ' villagers, all right-about-face ' , just beginning people to still do not know is how to return a responsibility, former prime minister changes a point of view is to let masses carrying wind on the back, and oneself circle wind direction of past prep against however everybody speaks. " (on May 16 news of trade of East Asia classics)

"Leave oneself difficulty and sacrifice, leave masses happiness and hope " , "Bear hardships advanced, enjoy after " , of the detail from Premier Zhou in lifting, we found the real solution of people public servant, premier Zhou that also saw we are adored's extremely tall figure. This is kiss what kind ofly civilian, cherish one's fellow citizen the premier is breathed out! Consideration and the safety of changes in temperature that care disaster area common people arrived the degree of meticulously, mix oneself safety however healthy have no regard for. "Detail witnesses feelings. " disaster area people will forever engrave week premier is carrying cold wind on the head in disaster area, stepping rubble, the form that takes cellar of shack, go to the fields, inquire after sb's health, condolatory the sick and wounded, also forever engrave week premier is in the disaster area with frequent aftershock not Mian endlessly, day and night Lv of exhaust essence exhaust, rush about overworked... his a bit takes no account of him already was old people of a cycle of sixty years, hold out snow of incomplete of sand blown by wind of body straight face however, leave masses warmth, is this the feelings of what kind?

Rank premier perch likewise, it is the old person of year of even more a cycle of sixty years likewise, having sense day to move the feelings of the ground euqally however. In disaster area of shake of country of Sichuan short of Wenshui River, we cannot forget a detail of Premier Wen, this detail is destined to be decided by the history case. On May 15, when many 300 student that is pressed below remains in rescue, after rescueing failure, the rubble on Premier Wen Mao Yupan piles, the organization is rescued again. 10 when 20 minutes, instant report shows suddenly, "Ah! Premier trip " , "Lord child the arm gets hurt bled, he turns the public health worker that should wrap up to him. " (on May 15 Guangzhou daily)
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