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Eve, group of Chan Jixiang of director of bureau of national cultural relic is thorough the unit of cultural relic protection such as house of content of Yang Bo of Jiang Yan, continous investigates understanding the situation of a disaster. Yesterday, chan Jixiang group is organized in museum of fierce Hou ancestral temple held bureau of national cultural relic conference of spot of aseismatic Sichuan providing disaster relief.

The reporter learns, the cultural relic that bureau of national cultural relic already established to protect an expert to comprise by countrywide famous article protects expert group. This on the weekend, this expert group will be thorough forefront of Sichuan earthquake disaster area, protect stricken be hit by a natural adversity area to cultural relic, damage circumstance undertakes specific evaluate, issue maintenance rescue opinion. In 3 weeks two inside, bureau of national cultural relic still will hold speak or sing alternately of system of countrywide cultural relic to help the meeting, arouse the rescue of cultural relic of Sichuan of support of help of force of countrywide article rich maintains the job.

Second calamity is here medium, the culture bequest of Sichuan sufferred unprecedented loss. According to preliminary count, up to on May 19, my province has 65 to be in countrywide key cultural relic to protect unit and 119 place provincial cultural relic to protect an unit to suffer the loss of different level in all, a lot of buildings already broke down to collapse or be faced with entirely break down collapse; Loss of holding cultural relic 841, among them, precious cultural relic 148. What make a person aching more is, a worker, 3 a person of academic or artistic distinction belong to bureau of cultural relic of river lasher city and 3 family members are in museum of boreal plain county die this in calamity, a lot of family members get hurt.

Jiang Yan 2 king temple piece coast of area hill body, qin Yan sinks downstairs, hall of pace of ladder of play building, wing-room, 52 class, a screen wall facing the gate of a house, 3 officials, Guan Lanting, Shu Jiangting, before building and the enclosure such as hill door break down entirely collapse; Fu Long watchs cover with tiles of ridge of a house of all ancient building, house to damage entirely, piscine mouth is interstitial, timberwork ruptures, the building tilts badly, already became a dangerous house; Black town hill piece area Taoism is ancient build group of serious damage, fastigium, roofing is destroyed entirely, major ancient building tilts, the share falls collapse; The antrum true hall of the cloud cliff temple of river oil, Dong Yuedian breaks down entirely collapse, share of hill door roofing, upturned eaves falls collapse, part of body of eave of day king hall, wall falls collapse, body of wall of all sides of flying Apsaras Tibet breaks down collapse serious, backbone of avalokitesvara hall housetop acts the role of a part to be damaged...

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