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2008 international design artistic school alliance (Jinan) the conference kicks
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On July 4, 2008, · of design · Olympic Games is harmonious -- 2008 international design artistic school alliance (Jinan) the conference learns decanal clear campus to kick off in Shandong arts and crafts. The opening ceremony is chaired by assistant dean of college of Shandong arts and crafts Dr. Lixin. Deputy secretary-general of government of people of chairman of alliance of school of international design art Professor Keruisiting Gelelin, Shandong province manages An Minxian.

Assistant dean of college of Shandong arts and crafts Dr. Lixin

International designs Keruisiting Gelelin of chairman of artistic school alliance to teach

Shandong saves people government deputy secretary-general Mr Si Anmin

Shandong province teachs hall deputy hall to grow Mr Song Chengxiang

Lu Sheng of Pan of prexy of Shandong arts and crafts is taught

Institute of especially advanced design, Italy is clever south France building of institute of applied design art, Oslo and design institute, United States falls base university of heart of A Erfu thunder of hill art and design institute, United States, Australia Siweiben state-maintaineds science and technology. In addition, participate in Bencihui to discuss the activity, returning that attends an opening ceremony to business of municipal government of city of Lai overgrown with weeds, power sea, club is represented, and the evening paper of TV station of daily of broadcasting station of broadcast of Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, central people, masses, Shandong, Qi Lu city reaching a province central each reporter of big media.

Rostrum honored guest

2008 international design artistic school alliance (Jinan) the conference is main exhibit 3 parts to comprise by lecture of president forum, special subject and theme. Chairman Keruisiting Gelelin thinks the conference wants " ponder over future to obtain progress " . In delibrate, expert attending the meeting around " · of design · Olympic Games is harmonious " theme, teach with respect to design of Olympic Games project, zoology design, design respectively, the topic for discussion such as the social part of the design undertook discussing. Experts think: Harmony is the supreme state that society, mankind, natural accrete develops flourish, for a long time in all. International society, multivariate the collective requirement that the harmony between culture regards the mankind as, make Olympic moves likewise the thought such as the peace of soar, friendly affection, equal, esteem, understanding, surmounted athletics to go all out in work make us harmonious get along, become the mankind to be opposite the collective acknowledge of Olympic Games culture. The person that Chinese traditional culture seeks and person, person and society, person and natural harmonious thought are an Olympic Games not only, contribute wisdom for the design, provided important inspiration to solve the problem of natural and contemporary mankind, society, a lot of respect at the same time.
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