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Bridge of channel of Japanese woman Lu kneels down offer an apology
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Collective kneels down

Catchphrase of offer an apology


People net reported on July 8 much at 13 o'clock on July 7, 2008, the author heads for Lu channel bridge to look around, from Wan Ping the city wears those who give the bridge most on the west when the head, see nearly 20 women sing in drum. Among them a woman with older age explains to everybody, they come from Japan, sing with Chinese, harmed a Chinese to apologize for Japanese. Listen carefully, libretto is written on the paper that placing on the ground, was gotten on by chart music, they and move sing an edge to jump by the side of music. Vocal end, station of a few women becomes, collective kneels down, to transient pedestrian offer an apology, hit " the child that thanks you to foster Japan " , " wish you are restful " wait for catchphrase.

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