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Victim of hold a memorial ceremony for civil -- write at the whole nation to mou
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Dimension the Christian era on May 21, 2008, my generation are solemn and respectful and majestic, feng Suhua's strong and pervasive fragrance, the bosom comes painful sad, short of Wenshui River of Yao hold a memorial ceremony for plain the spirit of earth shake victim says:


Sundial unbalance, earthworm indulge in wilful persecution. Sichuan hill splits, megalithic rise high into the air.

The room abandons bend to collapse, road falls into enemy hands. I civilian inflict heavy losses on, my earth utter misery.


The sad news of the death is heard suddenly, all over the world is astonished. Big calamity not period, fortune dimension difficult.

Come hereat, the world sorrowfuls like that. It is difficult that people has, chairman uneasiness.

Come back namely decision-making, deploy is comprehensive. Order the world, cross difficulty in all.

Visit a gleam of, placatory 10 thousand civilian. Absolute sincerity premier, acute body is gone to urgent.

Armour and weaponry 100 thousand, aseismatic provide disaster relief. Inexorable, go all out in work tenaciously.


Day bless China, lofty of high mountain Kui. Unity is strength, solidarity struggles.

What Sichuan is difficult, can compares blue sky. Divine arms sky falls, extend is ancient did not see.

Demon of straight face shake, disobey Azrael. Fight bravely remains, save the people.

It is difficult that one party has, all directions is assisted. Forces supplies and gear of an army, subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy unravels plain.

Read aloud me first ancestor, diligent fatigued is firm. Repeatedly classics disaster is difficult, more defeat heals brave.

Again strong west wind, difficult break east earth. Hundred million homocentric, why danger cannot?


Of awl heart painful, painful how about? Sob of the land of country, the wood is the same as Bei!

Pray Er the soul of a deceased person, rest those earth. Tears of the person that be born 0, er name is immortal!

Stroke Er blood arteries and veins, answer Er home. Old Er place is old, young Er place young.

Er a group of things with common features is incessant, er temple is not abandoned. Magnificent China, all ages its name!

Fetch have clever, its advent thises.

The pen dips in painstaking effort, the tear becomes this language.
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