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Did an Olympic Games after all to spend how many money
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Make preparations in Olympic Games of 7 years in the process, how many money did Beijing spend after all? Where do these money spend? How many profit to bring to common people? Cash " do an Olympic Games sparely " acceptance? To a lot of doubt, BOCOG and Beijing refer about the official answer.

The Olympic Games Organizing Committee is in yesterday advocate disclose on news center news briefing, BOCOG capital budget according to the 3rd version level of 20 much dollars is carried out, at present income and expenses is balanced, somewhat balance.

Financial resources of budget of Olympic Games Organizing Committee has sufficient safeguard

Liu Zhi of Beijing government spokesman introduces, be in whole during making preparations, BOCOG made budget of 3 version capital early or late, what carry out at present is budget of the 3rd version, restrain 20 much dollars. Look from executive circumstance, it is better that budgetary receipts circumstance is finished, balance of income and expenses, somewhat balance, total budget financial resources has sufficient safeguard. But he expresses, actual expenses amount wants to wait for the ability after the Olympic Games ends to decide finally.

As we have learned, the capital budget with first Olympic Games Organizing Committee is 1.625 billion dollar, basically consult understand estimate of Olympic Games budget to measure. 3 version are updated is according to making preparations task increase and decrease and RMB exchange rate change wait for what the element undertakes to adjust.

Key capital construction casts 280 billion yuan

Since Beijing Shen Ao is successful, cost construction of infrastructure of key of 280 billion yuan of cities that finish. But, liu Zhi points out, calculating 280 billion yuan into Beijing is inaccurate to the investment of whole Olympic Games.

Beijing hair changes appoint news spokesman Wang Haiping introduces, 280 billion yuan basically finished natural resources of infrastructure of urban traffic, energy, water, city to build the focal point of all directions face infrastructure construction.

280 billion yuan of make it what thing? Wang Haiping says, was to build capital airport above all east enlarge project, built building of T3 boat station; Improved the construction of new line of railroad hub state and railroad, include what stand south Beijing to transform project of project, border of Beijing ferry city, still have Beijing motor-car paragraph project; Undertook the freeway network inside Beijing limits is built, a few this years freeway network increases mileage newly 578 kilometers. Beijing already realized trifling to know high-speed cause; Undertook the orbit traffic of 146 kilometers is built, completed the construction of branch line of Olympic Games of first phase of 10 5 8 13 lines, lines, lines, lines and traffic of orbit of airport high speed; Still strengthened the construction of construction of environment of water natural resources and the sources of energy.
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