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"77 " cry the extraordinary sense of alarm
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It is reported, try for alarm of farther aggrandizement air defence cry integral impetus, produce caution and educational effect adequately, heibei province was every year on July 7 certainly " alarm of complete province air defence tries cry day " , in order to enhance national defence idea and hardship consciousness. This also is the whole nation cries exclusively with was on July 7 the province city of alarm day, the sense is extraordinary, far-reaching.

On July 7, 1937, japanese militarism is started in bridge of channel of boreal smooth Lu invade in the round China war, chinese people sufferred the loss of the casualties of 35 million brethren, 600 billion dollar.

The July 7 Incident of 1937 also is the great history event that produces in Heibei province, the Wan Ping county that the July 7 Incident of 1937 sends area of virgin soil core at that time and Na Yuan and Heibei province are having flesh and blood to contact.

Since founding a state, our country war of resistance against aggression commemorates the activity is weak, lack due national level to commemorate, improve somewhat in recent years. World each country commemorates one battle and World War II are national leader speech, the whole nation cries alarm, fall half-mast indicate mourning.

Israel pulled the alarm of 2 minutes when be every year noisy on April 9, all pedestrians want stand as a mark of respect, the car stops sail, with commemorating the 6 million Jew that dies in Nazi massacre; Russia served as what Germany inbreaks on June 22 " recall and wailful day " , countrywide stand in silent tribute a minute, fall half-mast, culture unit and broadcast, TV suspends recreational activities and program. Korea showed faithful day to fall for its martyr with Chinese ensign even on June 6 half-mast, and brethren of die in an accident of Chinese war of resistance against aggression does not have such special honour however. In international politics, national leader is visited, commemorate to martyr ground Jing Xianhua encircles indicate mourning commonly.

Japan was held every year on August 15 " memorial meeting of the person that countrywide battle dies " , the initiate of 6000 people above such as the emperor of Japan, empress, premier, sing loudly national anthem, premier speaks, stand in silent tribute a minute, the government organization falls half-mast, sports match stops. Consecrate of organized body of pacify country mind is worn east the war criminal of 14 first class such as flower machine. Have premier, chancellery and invade China veteran come round pay homage to, long narrow flag of raise of call back the spirit of the dead. Premier still went every year on a special trip with 9 days on August 6 the Hiroshima outside a thousand li and Nagasaki attend atom bomb bomb to commemorate a ceremony.

In recent years, be familiar with gradually when people case 918, the incident of great war of resistance against aggression such as Nanjing massacre when, 77, fete of this war of resistance against aggression that has warm blood most goes gradually in in the history it seems that gradually far, did not cause due attention and commemoration day, the mental sense that brings us and declare publicly are invigorated also by dusty.
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